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Arch/Inarch: Design Drawing - Degree Course

This course is a comprehensive introduction to two-dimensional architectural and interior architectural representation. Students learn hand-drawing and digital techniques to produce orthographic, axonometric, isometric, and perspectival projections in individual and group projects. Students move between two- and three-dimensional representation, developing robust skills for design drawing. Typically the course will review the work of architects and designers throughout the history of architecture representation. Readings will vary and focus will be concentrated on understanding and putting into practice the mechanisms of drawing. Course work consists of building techniques and practice of drawing. Classes will develop incremental skills through assignments and projects that culminate into complex drawings and representations. This course requires students to have a laptop that meets SAIC's minimum hardware specs and runs the AIADO template.

3.0 College Credits

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SAL_Architecture Drawing
Course start date
Course end date
Class meeting time 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Class meeting days Monday, Friday
Building and room ONLINE
Course number 1145
Course instructor John S. Clark