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Architectural Photography - Degree Course

How do we see the buildings, forms, and spaces as well as the light and shadow that surround us? This class will foster both traditional and creative approaches to photographing architectural structures and dimensional spaces through a combination of visual formalism, direct representation, and conceptual interpretation, allowing students to bring their own particular aesthetic to the process. Architecture is one of the most challenging subjects to photograph with its distortion issues, ambient and mixed light challenges, and the need for problem solving, often with a minimum of equipment. Students will gain technical knowledge and skills necessary to photograph a wide range of 3-dimensional structures and spaces. Working with large format, medium format and digital SLR cameras, the class will be introduced to observational and analytical methodologies that in combination with technical skills, become part of a toolkit for being able to work with technically and conceptually challenging photographic subjects and situations.

3.0 College Credits

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Class meeting time This course will be taught online through both synchronous and asynchronous modes: some interactions with the instructor, peers, and course content can happen at any time, while others will be scheduled at a specific time on a video conferencing platform.
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Course number 1094
Course instructor Scott Dietrich, Timothy Wittman