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Architecture: Design and Drawing

This course introduces students to the process architects use to develop their ideas and concepts, focusing on the how and why of creating new shapes, spaces, and buildings. With Chicago as its backdrop, projects incorporate experimentation with form, basic drawing, perspective and drafting techniques, 3D modeling, and the ability to discuss projects verbally and in writing. Students are presented with a variety of prompts and design challenges, using materials such as chipboard, basswood, foam core, and other objects to realize their ideas in three dimensions. Students complete the course with a final presentation of their exploration, which may include prints and drawings, 3D physical models, laser cut digital models, and 3D printed models. In addition, influential artists, designers, and architects such as Frank Gehry and Robert Irwin are introduced to investigate the impacts of digital and atmospheric effects in design. Access to the Art Institute of Chicago, world-renowned architecture surrounding our campus, and SAIC's Flaxman Library support student research and provide inspiration. No experience is needed for this course, but computer familiarity is helpful.

No credit
For credit
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Course start date
Course end date
Class meeting time 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Class meeting days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Building and room Sharp 332
Course number 1245
Course instructor Terry J. Surjan