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Contemporary Lebanese Art

Ever wandered through an art museum and been intrigued by the Islamic Art section? Why is there so much blue? Does Islam have a prohibition on representing human figures? What are artists in the Arab world up to today? How does contemporary art in the Arab world engage with themes of war, religion, political freedom and sexuality? Through the lens of a contemporary art hub; Beirut, we will explore these questions. Because of Lebanon's location on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, Lebanon's fate seems to be always inextricably tied to the developments in the countries surrounding it. This, however, also makes it a rich place for culture. In the past few decades, Beirut has become one of the most important and exciting cities for Arab art today. We will consider works by Lebanese artists both in Lebanon and in the diaspora. Connections will be made to objects in the SAIC's collections and students will be encouraged to incorporate elements of what they learn into their own artwork.

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Course start date
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Class meeting time 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Class meeting days Thursday
Building and room MacLean 111
Course number 2341
Course instructor Laurel Harig