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Digital Design: Adobe Illustrator (Online)

Want to use Adobe Illustrator to create sophisticated and complex designs and illustrations while you hone your skills? Learn the basics of the program before moving on to master transparency, feathering, masking, compound paths, gradients, layering techniques, and the specifics of the pen tool. In this asynchronous course, there are no set meeting times and you learn when it's convenient for you. Weekly activities include readings, video demonstrations, tutorials, online discussions, assignments, and critiques. You will receive personalized feedback from your instructor on each assignment and throughout the creative process.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and greatly expanded my skills in Illustrator. I had very basic knowledge of the program prior to this course and now feel much more comfortable with it, to the extent that I can create the projects I envision with it. The projects were challenging, artful and conceptual as well as practical and appropriate." – Student of Digital Design: Adobe Illustrator

The deadline to enroll is Wednesday, January 25.



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Adobe Illustrator Drawing
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Class meeting time Asynchronous, 24/7 course content access
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Course instructor Tina Brown