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Materials & Techniques: Deep Surface - Degree Course

In this materially-oriented multi-level studio course, students will expose the possibilities beneath, within, and above the painting surface. Students will learn both archival and experimental strategies for making work that upset distinctions between image and object. Through demonstrations and open-ended assignments, students will learn impasto painting techniques, adhesives, relief carving, embedding, shaped supports, and alternative materials. Deep Surface will give students the opportunity to explore juicy facture, heavy-duty mediums, extraction tools, image excavation, and extravagant adornment. Together, we will narrow the gap between painting and sculpture. In support of these efforts, course readings will include Freud, Krauss, Gottsegen, Kelley, and Gingeras. Readings and discussions will be accompanied by field trips and lectures. We will look at artwork hailing from a wide swath of histories and world cultures, including 20th Century African American folk art, ancient Greek and Mesopotamian relief carving, Medieval and early Renaissance painting, and a range of contemporary painting-sculpture hybrid practices.

3.0 College Credits

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Class meeting time This course will be taught online through both synchronous and asynchronous modes: some interactions with the instructor, peers, and course content can happen at any time, while others will be scheduled at a specific time on a video conferencing platform.
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Course number 1104
Course instructor Joshua Stephen Dihle