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Type Technologies Lab - Degree Course

This class is a co-requisite with Beginning Typography and closely couples with the activities of this particular studio course. The lab components will introduce students to page layout software (namely Adobe InDesign), its terminology and its specific functions, its relationship to other software packages, techniques for composing and outputting digitally, and the technical aspects of digital typography. This information will be reinforced via tutorials and short design exercises which target specific topics and techniques covered during lectures. As the semester progresses, this class also functions as a working lab for the Beginning Typography studio class, allowing students to work on the same project across both classes and receive technology assistance from the instructor. This crossover reinforces the links between digital and non-digital composing and terminologies.

3.0 College Credits

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Class meeting time This course will be taught online through both synchronous and asynchronous modes: some interactions with the instructor, peers, and course content can happen at any time, while others will be scheduled at a specific time on a video conferencing platform.
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Building and room Online
Course number 1110
Course instructor Richard Bresden