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Typography for Non-Designers - Degree Course

What does language mean in the visual arts? How do words and images interact in works versus around works? What are the basic skills, methods, and theories of typography, and how might they inform non-design practices? This course is a rigorous and critical, pragmatic, project based exploration of visual representations of text/writing in non-Graphic Design works. The class will seek to frame text and language considerations around its form, and scaffold out from learning in the discipline/s in which students? practices are rooted. Primary course texts will cover fundamentals of typography, and relevant structural aspects of language and writing systems. Works of artists, and designers will also be incorporated to reflect varying student interest on an individual basis. Additionally, the course will also include: Maya Lin's work, Marti Guixe's work, Fluxus works, Christian Bok's work, Tom Phillips' A Humument, Luigi Serafini's Codex Serafinianus, Xu Bings' square word calligraphy, the notebook of Shaman Neck, Dom Sylvester Houedard and Concrete Poetry, Teal Triggs' Radical Type Design, Saki Mafundikwa's Afrikan Alphabets, Timothy Donaldson's Shapes for Sounds, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, children's picture books, etc. In the initial two-thirds of the course students can expect to engage in targeted exercises and projects; while the final third will entail students proposing a final project suited to the course but rooted in their own practice and/or objectives.

3.0 College Credits

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Class meeting time This course will be taught online through both synchronous and asynchronous modes: some interactions with the instructor, peers, and course content can happen at any time, while others will be scheduled at a specific time on a video conferencing platform.
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Course number 1112
Course instructor Jacob Robert Ristau