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Urban Sketching Intensive: Quarantine Edition - Online

Urban or on-site sketching is rooted in the practice of drawing observationally and creating effective compositions in one's medium of choice while engaging with one's surroundings for inspiration. This can be a quick, spontaneous sketch done while out on a walk in the park, or it can be a more planned or long-term drawing that unfolds over an hour or more. The world around us is always in flux, and we can learn to adapt our approach to drawing, so that we can capture something of the subject we choose to draw, whether we have it in front of us for two minutes, or half a day. We will also engage with mediums, such as pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor. Students will be able to choose their preferred medium, with encouragement to try at least some color during the class, in addition to linear drawing media, such as a pencil or pen and ink. We will start by drawing things around us that can be captured easily, in the form of still life and simple domestic scenes. We will gradually lean into the challenge of drawing more evanescent subjects that move or change, like natural elements in our home, yard, neighborhood, or local park. We will approach drawing living things, like a portrait of a household member or a pet, a self-portrait, and also scenes where human figures play a role but are not the largest focus (for example, a view from a window where we may see a pedestrian pass by every so often). We will learn to approach architecture in our drawings, as well- whether the interior of a room, or a street scene with multiple buildings, and other outdoor elements. 

Note: This online course is offered in a one-week intensive format. Live sessions daily will be combined with independent work time. The Canvas learning management system and Zoom video conferencing platform will be used to access course content and communicate with the instructor and peers.

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Urban Sketching
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Class meeting time 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CDT
Class meeting days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Building and room Online
Course number 1172
Course instructor Laura Mae Noble