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Zeitgeist: Dada in Berlin - Degree Course

No other branch of Dada was quite as radical, anarchical, politically aware, and alert as the Berlin group in the 1920s. Within a few years artists and intellectuals started to question and subsequently replace all established ideas about contemporary art. Economical pressure, and political diversity, instability and radicalism created a climate for artistic ideas that would change the world forever and yet could not prevent the decline that was to come. There will be several smaller exercises in order to explore aesthetic strategies like collage techniques, performative lectures, photography and poster making, followed by central explorations of expression culminating in the finals. We will examine the political strategies intrinsic to Dada and its contemporary equivalents and what such gestures offer to practicing artists today!

3.0 College Credits

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Class meeting time This course will be taught online through both synchronous and asynchronous modes: some interactions with the instructor, peers, and course content can happen at any time, while others will be scheduled at a specific time on a video conferencing platform.
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Course instructor Oliver Sann